Kintsugi introduces Sister Company- CK Adventures LLC

CK Adventures LLC:

Life is a journey of incremental adventures, which is how CK Adventures came to be.

  • During COVID, we were forced to create a new normal as it related to travel. We learned how to Unplug, Unwind and experience Uninterrupted ZEN. As a result, we discovered utopia through RV’g and know you will too!

Mission: To share and expose the benefit of RV travel to inner city and underrepresented populations.

Benefits: Access to nature while experiencing freedom of traveling at your own pace!

We have come to appreciate nature’s canvas filled with:

  • the most dramatic colors of flowers, trees, etc.

  • sounds of bird

  • stillness of the sun

  • gentle breeze of the wind

  • peace, tranquility, restoration & rejuvenations